1 Week of FREE Training

3rd – 10th of July

All Online

Live Session on Sunday at 8pm explaining the coming week and training at this time of year with the heat.

Morning MeFit Training Sessions Mon-Fri at 7am

Q&A Session on Wednesday 6th at 8PM .

Program development session on Sunday 10th at 8PM .

Facebook Group for accountability.

Have Questions? I Have Answers

Join me, Tom Bassett, for this simple yet effective week and start your third quarter on the right path.
Everyone starts the new year with all the right intentions to get fit and healthy. Unfortunately a lot fail to reach their goal because of several reasons. Mainly as some training formulas work and some don’t.

Don’t wait until next year to start making a change. Join me for this week and start to feel better about yourself this summer. I have removed all barriers… it won’t cost you anything, it is all online so you can fit it around work, child care and commitments. You can even ask me questions throughout.
All you have to do is show up!

I will be sharing my knowledge around all areas of fitness – Physical > Mindset > Nutrition (weight loss) and how you should set goals.
I’ll even share how I’m planning for my next big challenge event in 2023.